c - u n i t (kitty_fuck) wrote in pusspuss,
c - u n i t

a great story.
from nifty.org

She slowly closed the door on the stall, closing herself away from the rest
of the school. It was during a class, so she was pretty much assured she
was alone for a while. Her teacher never asked why she sometimes took so
long going to the restroom. Her teachers liked her... they gave her some
slack. And she took it.

Pulling her skirt up, she sat down on the stall. Her panty-less pussy was
exposed, shaven and all. She'd thrown the panty's in her purse that
morning. When she wanted to feel hornier throughout the day, she left them
off. The breeze excited her vagina. Opening her backpack, she pulled out
her dildo. She always had it in a secret comparment she'd sown on. She
loved having it whenever, wherever. Loved it.

She set it aside for the moment.

Slowly, she unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her chest to the cool air. A
sizable 34C, she was envied for her age. Unclipping her bra, she slid it
off. She stuffed it in her backpack. She then slid her blouse back, resting
it on the toilet. She now had on just her skirt, having stepped out of her
sandals. She then couldn't resist. Standing up, she slid it off and stuffed
that too in her backpack.

Completely naked in the stall, surrounded by her clothes and her dildo.

She licked her fingers, and slid them down her stomach, and into her
pussy. One finger in, another playing with her clit. Sliding it in and out,
softly and rapidly. She loved that feeling. Loved it so very much. Arching
her back, and began pumping her hips into her fingers motion. Slowing down
for a moment, she licked her fingers, then, taking some juices from her
pussy, slid it all over her breasts. Her nipples were hard and stiff,
aching to be licked. Her left hand using a circular motion on her pussy,
she used her right to lift her breast up, so she could suck on her
nipple. The double feature about did her in.

She was getting close.

"Ohhhh, fuuuuuccccckkkkk." she thought to herself, her mind only focused on
her body, her sex, her pleasure.

Biting down on her nipple, she felt pangs of pain and pleasure shoot
through her, precum juices pouring all over her. Reaching over, she grabbed
her dildo, and wetting it with her mouth, she slid it in and out of her
mouth for a few moments, enjoying it filling her up. She then flicked her
clit with it, finally sliding it in. Slamming it in hard and fast, she
filled her pussy up, bringing herself over the edge. White-hot pleasure
made her dizzy as she slammed it in again and again. Cum covered the dildo
and her hand, warm, sticky, lovely.

After a few moments, she slowed, and licked the dildo off. She then used
her hands to sap up all the cum, sucking it all down. She loved her
taste. Filled her up good.

Putting the dildo back in it's compartment, she pulled out her skirt.
Sliding it back on, she felt a bit of juices slid down her thigh. She
promptly licked it off. Still standing, she gave both her nipples a kiss,
then turned and grabbed her blouse. Sliding it on, she shivvered at the
feel of the fabric on her aroused skin. Buttoning it up slowly, she watched
her breasts disappear. She left a few unbuttoned, revealing just a bit of
her gorgeous neck and chest, it obvious she had no bra on. Her pert and
aroused nipples stuck through the sky-blue fabric. She smiled at that fact.

Her bra in her backpack, her dildo safely tucked away, her panties in her
purse. Skirt and blouse nicely on, sexy sexy. Grabbing a comb, she gave her
shoulder length brown/blonde hair a few strokes. Satisfied, she turned to
the door.

Oh, how she loved her bathroom breaks. Indeed.
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