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pusspuss's Journal

we love lesbians.
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A happy place to share beautiful, erotic, sexy or just down right dirty lesbian pictures, thoughts, questions, fantasies and stories. By joining this community you are agreeing that you have read the rules; and abide to them all. If any rules are broken; you will be removed from the community. pussfuck is in charge, and the only one in charge, unless I state otherwise.


- You must be 18 to join; I will be checking everyone's profile; and if you're not 18 or over, or your birth date is not specified, you will be removed

- All pictures MUST be behind LJ cut. If you are unsure how to do one; read the live journal FAQ's

- If any harassment or cruel behavior is posted, the members involved will be banned, and reported

- No spam posts (ie- no asking for codes; or promoting your community)

please follow the rules, and have fun.